G’morning, Poetry: The Late-Night Humour Talk Show Live!

January 2014


On Friday, February 7th, 2014, from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at the Streaming Cafe, Okanagan College will present G’morning Poetry: A Late-Night Humour Talkshow Live!

What is a G’moring Poetry? Well, it is a free-for-all-ages half-scripted, half-improv Johnny Carson-style literary rumpus of goofs, games, and gaffes hosted by Okanagan College instructor kevin mcpherson eckhoff, with his bestfriend and fellow instructor/poet Jake Kennedy as a boyish Eddy McMahon, PhD.

The first episode welcomes a trifle of guests. The Alphabet-as-eight-year-old will be in-studio to answer questions about its lettersounds and to deliver one-liners about orthography and homonyms! Local stand-up comic Nick Abrey will be punctuating the interviews and interactiveness with infomercials advertising all manner of literary ’pataphernalia. The evening’s most esteemed guessed, Sharon Thesen, will literally sit on the couch to discuss her spurations, inspirations and outspurations, as well as read a selection of her pohetry. And finally, the credits will roll to the acoustic melodies of West Kelowna musician, Bjorn Kriel, whose 4-piece band, Bear Meets World, is set to rocket the following night at Fernando’s Pub.

And if you’re expecting to participate in such games like “Metaphor That Guess” and “Poet’s Breath Impersonations” in order to win such prizes as a copy of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy inscribed to a stranger or a slightly used can of Alphaghetti®, then you’re in g’luck!

Admission costs zero dollars, but seating is limited to approximately the first 50 poetry-loving show-uppers. Doors open at noon! Out-of-luckers or out-of-towners can view the viralness via online streaming at Streamingcafe.net and participate by live-Twitting all their comments, questions, one-liners, and spoiler alerts to @Gmorningpoetry!

And if you miss this episode, the next one hits the stream on April 4, 2014, and will feature outtatown poets Jordan Abel and Claire Lacey! For information about this event, please squeeze electronic words from your digital typing device to kevinmcphersoneckhoff@gmail.com.

One Response to “G’morning, Poetry: The Late-Night Humour Talk Show Live!”

  1. Hey Kevin. It was deli ful to meet you. Except for the gluten business. My golden initial is sitting on my desk reminding me to be golden, to shine boldly at least at first. I will def in ite ly
    be at your launch, launch at the Alternator and am publicizing it on my ubiquitous on line facade of self page on facebook. Stay whole droll.
    Cherie Hanson

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