G’morning, Poetry!

G'morning Poetry

G’morning, Poetry began as a blog (gmorningpoetry.blogspot.com) co-created/co-curated with bff, Jake Kennedy, in 2011. The site features imaginary poet interviews, sardonic book reviews, photo essays, and soft-hitting investigative journalism.

From 2013 to 2014, the blog morphed into a performance called G’morning, Poetry: A Late-Night Humour Talk Show Live!, a free-for-all-ages half-scripted, half-improv rumpus of goofs, games, and gaffes with Jake as a modest, boyish Eddy McMahon, PhD, sidekick to my Cohnny Jarson.

Over the course of 6 episodes, we played games like “Reverse Recitation Contest” and “Poet’s Breath Impersonations” (with expired Alphaghetti® prizes), we hosted the alphabet-as-eight-year-old, a six-year-old-spiderman/poet, local stand-up comedians, and many musicians, and we interviewed such renowned poets as Sharon Thesen, Jordan Abel, Trevor Franklin, and Claire Lacey.

G’morning, Poetry was originally performed at the HUB arts collective in Vernon (BC), followed by an event at the 2013 CCWWP conference in Toronto (ON), and two more episodes at the Streaming Café in Kelowna (BC), where the episodes streamed online and are archived on the Streaming Café’s Lifestream Page.

One thought on “G’morning, Poetry!

  1. Hey Kevin. It was deli ful to meet you. Except for the gluten business. My golden initial is sitting on my desk reminding me to be golden, to shine boldly at least at first. I will def in ite ly
    be at your launch, launch at the Alternator and am publicizing it on my ubiquitous on line facade of self page on facebook. Stay whole droll.
    Cherie Hanson

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