2019    forthcoming The Pain Itself. Insert Blanc: Los Angeles.

2015    their biography. BookThug: Toronto.

2013    Forge. Invisible Publishing: Halifax.

2011    easy peasy. Snare Books: Montreal.

2010    rhapsodomancy. Coach House: Toronto.

selected chapbooks/artist books

2018    The Pain Itself. Spacecraft Press: Calgary, AB.

2018    Circadia. Gaspereau Press: Kentville, NS.

2018    faux foe. above/ground: Ottawa.

2014    Chapter One of The Time Machine. Spacecraft: Calgary.

2013    Twitty’s Tweets. our teeth: Armstrong, BC.

2012    dissections from their biography. above/ground: Ottawa.

2012    The Sun Reflects. ChapPub: Pennsylvania.

2010    Game Show Reversed. BookThug: Toronto.

2007    typortraits. No Press: Calgary.

2006    Document 1. Martian Press: Calgary.

2006    signs of divorce. Canadian Poetry Ass: London, ON.


2017    BAX. Wesleyan: Middletown, CT.

2016    Calgary Renaissance. Chaudiere Books, Ottawa, ON.

2015    The New Concrete. Southbank Centre: London, UK.

2014    Why Poetry Sucks. Insomniac Press: Toronto.

2010    Rogue Stimulus. Mansfield Press: Toronto.

2008    Boredom Fighters. Tightrope Books: Toronto.

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