2017    4 Poems. Robin Blaser Award Co-winner. The Capilano Review.

2015    faux foes. Poetry. Lemonhound.com.

2015    one poem. NewPoetry.ca.

2015    Asphalt Luxury Prophecy. Fiction. Indie Writer’s Deathmatch. BrokenPencil.

2014    TITAN. Fiction. Gausspdf.com.

2014    from The Time Machine. Fiction. West Wind Review. Ashland, OR.

2014    two poems. Matrix 100. Montreal, QC.

2014    from Death Valley w/ Jake Kennedy. Fiction. Dreamland. Prince George, BC.

2013    from their biography. Poetry/Fiction. LIT 23. The New School, NYC.

2012    from The Pain Itself. Fiction. Descant 158. Toronto, ON.

2012    In lieu of flowers, those. Poetry. Matrix 93. Montreal, QC.

2012    stolen. Poetry. nationalpoetrymonth.ca.

2011    from Death Valley, w/ Jake Kennedy. Fiction. West Wind Review. Ashland, OR.

2011    How to Reformat Your Hard Drive. Poetry. Rampike 19.2. Windsor, ON.

2011    Banff Reports 1-6. w/ Jake Kennedy. Fiction. dandelion 36.1. Calgary, AB.

2011    from The Pain Itself. Fiction. Fact-Simile 3.2. Pennsylvania, PA.

2010    Canadian Immigration Kit. Poetry. Incongruous Quarterly 2.

2010    from commit. Poetry. Open Letter 14.2. Strathroy, ON.

2009    U and O from rhapsodomancy. Poems. dandelion 35.2. Calgary, AB.

2008    Canadian Idiot. Poetry. NōD 8. Calgary, AB.

2006    woody & bp. Poetry. Offerta Speciale 38.19. Italy.

2006    hands 2. Whitewall of Sound: Northwest Concrete & Visual Poetry. Seattle.